Top 8 Nepali Brands to Try in 2024: Made in Nepal Products

Top Nepali Brands in 2024

In this article, I will be going through some Nepali brands — some popular, some underrated, some veteran, and some new. I have divided it into two parts.

In the first part, I will be discussing products from Nepali brands that I have used personally in my daily life in a short review format.

The other half contains local products that I have not got my hands on yet but want to try, given the reputation they have built.

Regardless, these are all my opinions, so if you have a different opinion of these opinions or a different list altogether, you are welcome in the comment section. 

And one more thing – this article covers Nepali brands and their products that don’t necessarily translate to Made in Nepal — kind of how iPhones are American, though they are made primarily in China. 

Brands that I use daily

Kick Lifestyle Earbuds

Kick Lifestyle is a new accessories brand that aims to deliver quality products at affordable prices for the price-sensitive Nepali consumer. It’s fairly new as well — it is the youngest brand in this list and has so far launched two earbuds in Nepal – Buds S Classic and Buds S Pro.

Kick Buds S Pro

I got the latter for Rs. 2.999 as an early bird offer, but now it is expensive by Rs. 200. Still, I would say it is the most feature-rich earbuds for under Rs. 4,000.

Don’t believe me? It comes with ANC, Transparency mode, Fast wired charging, low-latency connectivity, and even wireless charging. These are some features for an earbud that costs just Rs. 3,200.

There is not much to complain about sound quality as well. I sometimes wish the vocals were a bit sharper; otherwise, Kick Buds S Pro’s 10mm driver offers a good bass that results in this energetic sound. 

All in all, I’m really impressed with Kick LIfestyle and look forward to future releases from this tech accessory brand.

Metro Mask

The next brand on this list is Metro Mask, which has been battling pollution with its masks since 2015 but is not talked about much, given how masks were an essential commodity during the pandemic.

Fortunately, I was introduced to their Urban Masks through Sacar (aka Lil Buddha)’s music video titled “Kabja.” In the video, Sacar is seen traveling on Patan’s pollution-filled roadside while calling out the public against corrupt politicians.

I don’t know if it was deliberate since there is no description of Metro Mask anywhere in the video, but it came across as a product placement when I first saw the video.

Talking about the Metro Mask: Urban, it is a K95 pollution mask with changeable filters. The filter has 5 layers of protection against particles and even bacteria.

There are two valves for exhalation that direct exhaled air sideways, avoiding the accumulation of CO2-filled air in the masks. It also redirects all incoming air to pass through the filter. 

Metro Urban Pollution Mask

In my usage, the filter lasted around 2 weeks on average, but it will depend on the pollution level outside and how carefully you use the masks. Metro only offers the mask in Medium size, so it is another thing to look out for. Fortunately, it is a good fit for me.

The elastic earloop is also comfortable — it goes behind the back, where you lock it with the hook mechanism. The NPR 2000 can sound steep, but I would say it is not totally far-fetched, considering Kathmandu is among the most polluted cities in the world.

Chiya Notebooks

Chiya Notebooks was founded in 2019 by Shriya Shakya in an attempt to blend her artistic side and business. She embarked on a journey to “Inspiring Young Minds” by putting her own art on notebooks.

This is what perfectly sums up Chiya Notebooks  – Notebooks with Arts. These arts are hand-designed by Shriya herself, and there is a wide range to choose from.

I have personally used the Choas series, which cost me Rs. 320 for 4 pieces. The papers are good to write on, and if you use them to present your home assignments, you are definitely going to stand out. It can be a pretty good conversation starter among new classmates if you are starting college.

Chiya Notebooks

As of now, there are two variants of Chiya Notebooks. The first retails for Rs. 600 for a set of 4 and has 100 pages (50 sheets) in each. The more premium bundle will cost you Rs. 400 for a set of 4 notebooks with 164 pages each (82 sheets).

You can buy it online (Daraz) and from authorized distributors.

Newmew Glasses

As a CS student and SEO writer, I spend the majority of my day staring at screens, and while it’s debated in the scientific world, there are people who face eye strain and headaches after prolonged exposure to gadgets.

Unfortunately, I’m that guy. This is why I have been using blue ray cut glasses. I got my one from Newmew a couple of years ago, and it has fared me well.

Newmew Birtamode Outlet

As you can see, I picked this black rectangular frame, which I decided to pair with a blue cut lens. 

It took the New Road outlet about a week to prepare, which was delivered to my home. Newmew has a total of 11 physical outlets, with four in the Valley, and is planning to add 3 more. You can also order from their online stores, which also have an appointment booking system.

Goldstar Shoes

Goldstar Shoes

Goldstar is by far the most recognizable name in this list of best Nepali brands. It is a product of Modern Slipper Industries and Kiran Shoes Manufacturers under the Universal Group. It is the same group that introduced the Hathi-branded slipper with the now iconic “Hatti bhanda Baliyo” slogan. 

The first pair of shoes was launched in 1990. Back then, the brand focused on making durable shoes, and they were pretty successful in it. So much so that the name “Goldstar” has pretty much become synonymous with durable yet affordable shoes.

But it is not the only thing that has helped it grow. The brand is constantly evolving, even trying out new styles for the newer generations. Goldstar’s newer lineup includes stylish sneakers, training shoes, trekking boots, and so on.

I currently own two pairs of Goldstar shoes — G10 P206 and G2005. I use the former for my daily commute as it is comfortable, lightweight, and flexible, but it is not as effective when it is raining. This is why I switched to G2005 during the monsoon season. It is on a heavier side but also durable.

Overall, my experience with Goldstar shoes has been satisfactory. In a market flooded with replica sneakers, Goldstar offers a good value for money.

Local Nepali Brands to Look Out for in 2024

Yatri Motorcycle

Yatri P1 with DC Charger

Until last year, Yatri was reluctant to release their next commercial electric bike due to the legal provision that restricted their motorcycles from being registered.

But it has now been solved, and the company is looking to release Project 1 Gen 2.

So far, we know that the bike will share a look with its predecessor and that it will pack more powerful specs inside.

Mheecha Bags


Mheecha is a Nepali bag brand that has resonated well with the younger generation.

The word “Mheecha” means a pouch in the Newari (Nepal Bhasa) language.

It is especially popular among the school and college-going generation.

They started with backpacks that caught steam because of their strength and reliability.

Now, they are expanding to other product categories like pouches, totes, and laptop sleeves.

Caliber Shoes

Caliber Apollo High

Caliber just made headlines by introducing the Apollo High sneakers in collaboration with music artist Vek.

This is the first of its kind collaboration between a brand and an artist.

Together, the two have come with a stylish yet affordable sneaker for the Nepali market.

We only expect Caliber to build on it going forward.

Perception Towards Nepali Brands Over the years

Back in the Days

Back when I was young, I often accompanied my parents when they went shopping.

Coming from a lower-middle-class family, these shopping were quite a few in between and often around a festival, especially Dashain.

So, it was essential to choose products that would last long for years. As such, I was quickly taught a rule of thumb – Made in China usually meant throwaway products – you would pick to use for a few weeks to months.

For anything longer, I was told to go for the Made in India counterpart, which cost a little more. There was no mention of Nepali products, as there weren’t a lot of them, and we usually resorted to safer Indian options.

Things have Changed

A decade later, local brands are taking over the Nepali market. In this period, we experienced an unofficial Indian blockade and an e-commerce boom during the pandemic that all led to the widespread adoption of these Nepal-based brands. This has allowed Nepalese brands to prosper, which in turn has encouraged more such brands to emerge — like a vicious cycle.

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